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There 8767 s this guy that I 8767 ve been (best) friends with, and like others, he stares at me. We 8767 re in the same classes and whenever I catch him looking at me, (I think) he grins with big eyes right at me to cover his caught action. (Doesn 8767 t want me to know that he 8767 s staring at me???) He also tries to hold my hand when I 8767 m unaware. I don 8767 t even know what he wants, but could anyone answer this? It really bugs me. LOADS.

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Hey, everybody. You should explore more the time you spend typing about your job. For example: I 8767 m an English teacher. It 8767 s a great job. I can 8767 t see myself doing something different. I prepare classes, I grade homework and the most important I try to make my students enjoy English and have fun with it. It 8767 s pretty awesome when a student comes to me and says that I have to watch this or that on the net. It really pays off the hard work.
See? Don 8767 t just write: 8775 I 8767 m an English teacher. 8776 Write about your job. Great site, by the way. Cheerio, Pedro-BR

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Me:you and (say the name of a guy u had a crush on when you were in high school it 8767 ll make him jealous if he likes you so he will either grit his teeth clinch his fists play with his hair or something he might suddenly look down and get a dark look on his face or in his eyes or see if his eyes suddenly change shade)

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ok so I was wondering if u can help me w/ a guy????? there is a guy I just meet him about two months ago and he his showing me mixed looks + he likes to stare at me and its akward because I don 8767 t like him and how do I know he likes me and how do I tell him I don 8767 t like him with out him laughing at me if he doesn 8767 t like me pls help me I 8767 m so confused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I need advice. I have this crush and I don 8767 t know if he likes me but I was getting information through my friend who was also my crushes best friend (kind of obsessive I know but I 8767 ve been friend zoned for three years) but my friend recently confessed his feelings for me I love him but I love him as a friend and I don 8767 t know what to do because I can 8767 t ask him to play detective because that is a really horrible thing to do to him and I don 8767 t know what to do. Help!

I 8767 m working in myself house.
At this moment I 8767 m writing for you.
I am not looking for work.
No, I 8767 m not a employer thefore I 8767 m not need a staff to work.
To I make a crust on a hurt I need to put a cream to treat on it.

Hi, I 8767 m a Instrument engineer and currently i 8767 m working in Kazakhstan for KPO . which is a consortium of 5 international oil companies. For me this is the first experience abroad and it is being very hard, but very interesting at the same time.

Wow that is great lesson ,, really that is very useful and very powerful for anyone want to learn about using English at work thanks for ROCKS team who work on !

Theirs this guy who works right next door to 8767 s really cute and I like work in that store with my mom she owns it well sometimes I catch him looking at me,passing by the store today while I was cleaning I saw him standing in his store and he was just looking at me and I know I saw him look at me its not just in my today I caught about 8 times standing by the exit of his store looking at mom said when I left to buy something he passed by the store 7 times the store looking for something we don 8767 t talk to each other but I think he could actually like me I don 8767 t really know but could someone tell me what to do help please!

We live an hour away from one another and we work crazy hours the both of us. I don 8767 t know where to go from here. But I do know, it feels like it 8767 s meant. Is this an example of 8766 if you let it go, and it comes back to you, its yours 8767 ? Please, any comments, or advice, to keep him in my life forever would be very much appreciated.

I 8767 m working here in a company,subsidiary of Iranian government as a system suporter.
i dot it mandatory for money only,I 8767 m so closed to English litrature which I 8767 m studying it in university
thank you for your considration from your busy schdules

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I have very little flexibility in my core. Back and hamstrings are and have always been tight. Upper body also not strong as you might guess from my weight. Also get severe cramping in all parts of my legs. I am a single male so don 8767 t have much time or really the energy for working out since the job drains me so much.

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