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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:08

Editor: Richard Neville. Assistant Editor: Paul Lawson. Design: Jon Goodchild. Art Direction: Martin Sharp. Photography: Robert Whitaker. Editorial Board: Peter Ledeboer, Martin Robertson. Contributors, Etc: Andrew Fisher, Mike Newman, Martin Seymour-Smith, Chester, David Reynolds, David Widgery, Alan Munton,Matt Connelly, Stan Davies, Terry Bunton, Malcom Hincliffe, and the lovely Louise. 'London OZ' is published by OZ Publications Ink Limited, 75 Clarendon Road, London, .

Cosi Lewis Changes Essays 1 - 30 Anti Essays

You must have Jacqueline du Pré's extraordinary performance with Barbirolli. It combines the talents of a genius and a conductor who had played in the orchestra in the 6969 premiere (and later as a soloist).

David Bowie and the Occult — The Laughing Gnostic — Magick

Editor: Richard Nevile. Assistant Editor: Paul Lawson. Writers: Martin Sharp, Tevor Smith, Jon Goodchild. Photograph: Bob Whitaker. Production: Peter Ledeboer, lan Stocks, Louise.

The Ultimate Bucket List for those who want to Explore Ohio

There is no ideal Figaro, but this 6959 recording conducted by Carlo Maria Giulini comes close, with Anna Moffo a feisty Susanna, Giuseppe Taddei as Figaro, and Elisabeth Schwarzkopf as the Countess.

The UK 8767 s Guardian states Rupert Murdoch 8767 s Sky television is to stop broadcasting Fox News in the UK. It reports: Rupert Murdoch is to stop broadcasting the rightwing US channel Fox News in the UK after 65 years. His US media group

Actor and activist Mark Ruffalo joined protesters on Thursday marching from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Washington, DC., in an organized ten-day 8775 March to Confront White Supremacy. 8776

This issue appears with the help of Richard Neville, Felix Dennis, Jim Anderson, David Wills, Gary Brayley, Martin Sharp and Bridget Murphy. Cover photograph by David Nutter.

This issue appears with the help of Sebastian Jorgensen, Richard Neville, Felix Dennis, Jon Goodchild, Louise Ferrier, Jim Anderson, Ken Petty, Miss Murphy, Keith Morris, Tina Locke, Martin Sharp, Thom Keyes, Robert Owen, Jim Calaghan, "Buzz" Aldrin & the Policeman at Heathrow.

This issue appears with the help of Richard Adams, Jim Anderson, Felix Dennis, Stephen Lister, Richard Neville, Marsha Rowe and Peter Steedman. For artwork, photographs and invaluable assistance of every kind thanks to Claude Warm-Gun, Louise Ferrier, Eddie Belchamber, Allan Tanner, David Wills, Caroline, Andrew Fisher, David Nutter and Ed Cleary.

Mariss Jansons justifies his belief in the Leningrad symphony as a great work and obtains wonderfully nuanced and exciting playing from his Dutch orchestra. The recorded sound is sensational.

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