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Well, if it isn t Thomas!! I remember watching that cartoon as a kid.
They re two, they re four, they re six, they re eight.
Shunting trucks and hauling sleight.
Red and green and brown and blue,
They re the really useful crew!
All with different roles to play,
Round tinmount sheds or far away.
I ve forgotten the rest. It s been so long. It s just. Nostalgic. Ha, I guess I haven t changed much. My mum used to scold me then and still. When I watch Pokemon!!! ✌

Doing good in school essay

It is terrible to reflect on the remorse of those who, with great powers for good, worked evil. Charles IX, who authorized the massacre of the Huguenots on the night of St. Bartholomew, was tortured by its horrors during his dying moments. Every moment, visions of corpses covered with blood haunted him.

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In my opinion ,active viedeo games are not enough to keep fit., we need to play sports out side home
that well help us to meet a new freinds and learn us how work as a team. In addition we need to breath afrish air.
But if the weather is bad ,we dont have another choose rather than stay at home and play active games.

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Nevertheless they toiled on, and by great care and vigi­lance made their way to the wreck amid the breakers, and suc­ceeded in rescuing all the survivors.

Working with a partner is a great way to get things done. What I mean is to work by your self but constantly compare your work to your partners work. If your work is less then you will work even harder to get ahead, even for a short while. For example my friend and I had a big programming summative assignment just recently. My friend fought each other to have a better summative every step of the way until the very end. Thus working against a partner is a great strategy to complete work quickly unless it starts to become personal or there is sabotage.

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