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Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay History - Age of the Sage

Date of publication: 2017-08-25 02:03

  • A Correspondence Between John Sterling and Ralph Waldo Emerson , edited by Edward Waldo Emerson (Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin, 6897).

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    On another occasion, Emerson excoriated literature as “a heap of nouns and verbs enclosing an intuition or two.” And he approved the remark of Thomas Hobbes, who said, “If I had read as much as other men I should be as ignorant.”

    Emerson’s Advice on How to Read for Greater Self-Reliance

    9. As our Religion, our Education, our Art look abroad, so does our spirit of society. All men plume themselves on the improvement of society, and no man improves.

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    8775 A point of education that I can never too much insist upon is this tenet, that every individual man has a bias which he must obey, and that it is only as he feels and obeys this that he rightly develops and attains his legitimate power in the world. It is his magnetic needle, which points always in one direction to his proper path, with more or less variation from any other man 8767 s. He is never happy nor strong until he finds it, keeps it learns to be at home with himself learns to watch the delicate hints and insights that come to him, and to have the entire assurance of his own mind. 8776

    There is only one paragraph about America and American poetry in "The Poet." Emerson specifically says he is "not wise enough for a national criticism," and he ends the essay as he began, with a consideration not of the American poet but of the modern poet. The essay closes with a repetition of the idea that it is the process of poetry, not the resulting text, that constitutes the live essence of poetry, and he puts it in yet another of his triumphant aphorisms. "Art is the path of the creator to his work." True poetry is not the finished product, but the process of uttering or writing it.

    Rather than being overawed by the greats of the past, you should enter into a book believing you have the capacity to generate equally original insight. Emerson laments the fact that men “grow up in libraries, believing it their duty to accept the views which Cicero, which Locke, which Bacon have given, forgetful that Cicero, Locke, and Bacon were only men in libraries when they wrote those books.”

  • Natural History of Intellect and Other Papers (Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin, 6898 [volume 67, Riverside Edition] London: Routledge, 6899).

    Informative essay even though there are grammatical and vocabulary errors. It 8767 s ok. Practice makes perfect 😉 I, too, have my own blog, and sometimes when I read my old posts, i see errors also.

    Let the view you pick up from one book change after reading another. And let how you read change too, depending on what is needful at a certain time, for you.

    Emerson's poet is much more than a technician of meter, a person of "poetic talents." Emerson's poet "announces that which no man foretold. He is the true and only doctor he knows and tells." Picking up the Miltonic definition of poetry he had endorsed earlier, Emerson says, in a famous phrase, "for it is not metres but a metre-making argument, that makes a poem." The essence of the poem lies not in the words but behind the words, in "a thought so passionate and alive, that, like the spirit of a plant or an animal, it has an architecture of its own, and adorns nature with a new thing."

    The essence of self-reliance is a commitment to making decisions based on one’s own native instinct, personal values, and primary experience over external advice, cultural conformity, and second-hand information.

    Keep in mind that reading what interests you doesn’t necessarily mean only reading what you agree with. Emerson notes that “We read either for antagonism or confirmation,” and argues that it doesn’t matter which. We may profoundly disagree with a point of view, and still find it wonderfully thought-provoking.

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