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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 22:27

Needs a few more Quotations from Atticus, and also one quote will be useful as well: "Your father's the same in the courtroom as he is in the street" Miss Maudie

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In the opening of this documentary, the narrator translates" La illaha illa Allah"as "There is no god except god" which is not correct. The correct translation should be"There is no god except Allah"from the perspective of Islam. The word "Allah" is personal name of ONE and ONLY ONE being who is the ultimate creator of this universe.

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The Lord will either calm your storm... or allow it to rage while
He calms you.


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However, as I've said before religious history and the history of religious violence is all a you killed my brother so I'm gonna kill your father and now you'll kill my sister and on and on and on. Give it up. I just had to knock you off your pompous ass high horse in making my point about christian vs. muslim spain.

Lmaoooo. Non Muslims belive they know more than actual Muslims?? Why, because you pulled out a bunch of verses and hadith with the word "kill" in them?

7. The Awakening. This part relates the golden age of Islam. A time of great learning when Europe was steeped in the Dark Ages. The building of great works of architecture, reading, writing, mathematics, medicine, and astronomy. Even before the printing press Muslims would have hundreds of scribes writing all at once so they would learn and reproduce the writings.

Nothing about proper cooking of food or sanitizing water in the Quran. Only thing boiling water is good for is to torture people who didn't join the cult (Quran 97:65). That must explain the cholera epidemics.

Hegel's thoroughgoing rationalism ultimate yields a form of panentheism in which all finite beings, though distinct from natural necessity, have no existence independent from it. "There is only one Being… and things by their very nature form part of it." God is the being in whom spirit and nature are united. Thus faith is merely an expression of a finitude comprehensible only from the rational perspective of the infinite. Faith is merely a moment in our transition to absolute knowledge.

I actually already read the book in my English class about a month ago, and you have to admit, the begaining is kind of boring. And actually most of the book is boring. But the end was so good, that i just sat there and read for like, two hours. I really wanted to know why everyone calls it an important literature book.

This is Islam, a path, a way of life in submission, complete and utter submission to the One who created you. And if you turn up your nose in arrogance and believe that you are the master of your own-self I suggest you defy death, gravity, your need for air or water or food. I also suggest that you be the first of us to stop himself from defecating because if I was the master of myself that would be the first thing to go. Just a few suggestions.

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