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I believe that would be a more accurate demonstration of your point, otherwise you're sort of comparing apples to oranges. Great post though, I enjoyed reading!

Hacking the Random Walk Hypothesis - Turing Finance

where I t represents investments in health capital and x558b9 represents the depreciation rate. This workhorse model builds in the x5756c fade out x5756d of early-life health shocks. That is, if health capital depreciates, then the effects of shocks to health capital must also depreciate over time, so that events further in the past will have less important effects than more recent events. As Smith [6999] observed, x5756c How could short exposures matter if health is a stock? x5756d 9

Language of Thought Hypothesis | Internet Encyclopedia of

According to RTM, the difference between Angie’s believing that David stole a candy bar and her hoping that David stole a candy bar, lies in there being different relations between her and the same representation of the content David stole a candy bar. Thus, (R6) is a schema. For specific propositional attitudes, the name of the attitude will take the place of ‘ φ ’ in the schema. For example, the case of belief is as follows:

Study: HPV Infections Not Necessary for Development of

Casting LOTH as the idea of sentences in the head can be useful, if understood appropriately: as sentences of a species-wide formal language, encoded in the operations of the brain, which are not accessible to the thinker.

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Thanks Rafeh, I'm happy to hear that you'll be coming back. If this stuff interests you, you should also check out the NIST documentation because it is considerably more details and of a very high quality. I noticed today that some of their websites are down, but the Google cache system is still working. Enjoy!

The market is random as it is not predictable [the basic definition of randomness]. If it was predictable [thus not random] it would very soon adapt so that it would be again unpredictable. This meta-randomness has to fail all randomness tests as it is a characteristic of a different type.

The probability of forming the karyotype of a new autonomous cancer-species by random karyotype variations is very low and thus unlikely to ever generate the same new species twice – much again as in conventional speciation.  Thus all cancers caused by karyotypic speciation will have individual, if sometimes similar phenotypes.

(iii)          the semantic content of a representation is a function of the semantic content of its syntactic constituents, the overall structure of the representation, and the arrangement of the constituents within the overall structure.

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