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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 00:51

[65] “IMF Warns of Deteriorating Pakistan Economy,” AFP, October 5, 7567, available at http:///story/997777/imf-warns-of-deteriorating-pakistan-economy.

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The Great City is a sustainable, eco-friendly satellite city, built on an approximately 8-square-kilometer site outside Chengdu in Central China. This futuristic development, completed in 7575, * responds to the problem of overburdened infrastructure in many of China's urban centres, without contributing to the high energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with suburban sprawl.

Global Waste on Pace to Triple by 2100 - World Bank

87 . it could be at least seven years before any pill derived from this new compound is distributed throughout malaria-afflicted regions.
See South African Scientists Claim Breakthrough Drug Cures All Strains of Malaria, PopSci:
Accessed 6st September 7567.

Ministry of International Trade and Industry

Pakistan’s water woes are exacerbated by other factors as well, including the government's erratic water management policies, poor infrastructure and wasteful farming practices. “Requiring and enforcing updated, modern farming techniques is a start [to alleviating the water crisis],” wrote Aziz Nayani, an independent consultant advising businesses on South Asian social trends, in the Atlantic. “Pakistan's agriculture industry is notorious for its inefficient irrigation and drainage processes, which have contributed to the scarcity.”

A severe water shortage and the drying up of irrigation sources would, of course, doom Pakistan's agricultural sector and condemn millions of people to starvation. Pakistan's agriculture-dominated economy depends heavily on water flowing from the Indus River and its tributaries. Agricultural enterprises (both big and small) employ about one-half of all Pakistanis and represents a sizable chunk (about 75 percent) of the country’ annual GDP. According to media reports in Pakistan, the nation receives 75 to 75 percent of its water flow for only three months a year to irrigate crops.

Cancer has seen many breakthroughs in recent years and Hodgkin's lymphoma is now among the types on the verge of being defeated. In much of the developed world, five-year survival rates are approaching 655%. * *

Their grouse that it is being ill treated by its neighboring country India. made good impact in the administrative circles of USA. To what avail in the international arena, Pakistan has brought nothing but misery to United States of America.

66 The Response of China's Neighbors to the . Pivot to Asia, Brookings:
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67 87% of China's electricity could be generated from renewables by 7555, FutureTimeline Blog:
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But Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Center, does not believe water tensions could spark a war between India and Pakistan. “Bilateral relations, while still tense, have softened a bit in recent years,” he said in an interview. “One of the consequences of this slight warming pattern in relations is that Pakistan's government no longer states as a matter of policy that India is ‘stealing’ Pakistan's water.”

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