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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 06:51

New research led by Victoria University of Wellington shows people who favour hierarchy and inequality in society are less likely to be pro-environmental.

Master of Science in Environmental Management

St. John&rsquo s offers access to outstanding academic resources. Facilities include high-tech classrooms, laboratories and our million-volume University Library. Our new D&rsquo Angelo Center is a five-story, 677,555-square-foot University and Student Center with classrooms, lecture halls, a Starbucks Café and a full-service
food court.

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With the world population ever climbing, biotechnology has the ability to directly answer problems related to the demand for food, medicines and many other key global challenges. The Master of Biotechnology uniquely offers a taste of both research and industry, so I jumped at the opportunity to explore either option.

National University of Singapore - Faculty of Science

As a Bachelor of Science student you may wonder what career pathways are open to you once you have graduated, and if you need to continue with honours or postgraduate study.

Quantum sensors are allowing us to see the tiniest parts of our world but external magnetic fields can easily break their crucial quantum state. By introducing extra spin, scientists have discovered they can trick a quantum system to keep it going.

Apply to study in Trimester 8 over the summer if you're wanting to catch up, get a head start on your degree, or spread your workload throughout the year.

Atmospheric Physics   is one of the main research areas in the Physics Department, and the other option for our . program. Current  research interests include:

We actively engage the wider community through events, social media, public lectures and schools programs. We are committed to bringing science to the community and creating excitement about scientific research and discovery.

If you are currently pursuing an undergraduate degree and are interested in an actuarial career, your equation for success should include the following courses:

Tech faculty and students frequently carry out research at the nearby National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) operates both the  Very Large Array and the Very Long Baseline Array , through its headquarters on campus. In addition, Tech is also a founding partner in the proposed Magdalena Ridge Observatory (MRO), which will be built on the nearby Langmuir Research Site. Undergraduate students are often involved in research and employment with these facilities. Detailed coursework of a  BS with Astrophysics Option can be found here.

Our students are surrounded by people passionate about science. Our staff are world leaders in their fields of research and Wellington has the highest concentration of scientists and science organisations in New Zealand.

The development of a new technology that captures potentially damaging anaesthetics could lead to recycling the cleanest, rarest and safest anaesthetic gases known to medicine.

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