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Knowing the artist’s intentions and how she came to etch served only to whet the tourist’s appetite for more information.  Just then someone else approached, walking directly up to the two viewers who were blocking access to the print.  As chance would have it, the latest arrival turned out to be a psychotherapist who worked with trauma survivors and had a long-standing interest in art depicting sexual abuse and other forms of personal violence.

Deborah Feller - Artist

God is the Light of the heavens and the earth
the likeness of His Light is as a niche
wherein is a lamp
(the lamp in a glass,
the glass as it were a glittering star)
kindled from a Blessed Tree,
an olive that is neither of the East nor of the West
whose oil wellnigh would shine, even if no fire touched it
Light upon Light
(God guides to His Light whom He will.) 67

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By the time Kentridge committed to a life of art, he had already earned an undergraduate degree in politics and African studies, had taken courses in art, including printmaking–which he eventually taught–and had spent time working in theater.  Not quite ready to abandon acting for art, he spent a year in Paris studying mime and other theater arts, but quickly returned home to his first love, drawing.

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8) "The Hunt" A subtle, highly moving story of mass hysteria and sexual accusation. Mads Mikkelsen is the accused, and his life will never be the same once this particular genie escaped the bottle. The little girl, Klara ( Annika Wedderkopp ) is extraordinary.

7) "The World's End" With "Inside Llewyn Davis", the most beautifully and audaciously constructed narrative mainstream picture of the year. And ceaselessly funny. Reviewed here.

Most unpredictable film festival: CPH: DOX, devoted to the most "out there" and experimental documentary films, held every November in Copenhagen. See my overview in Documentary Magazine. 

The purple of Mary’s dress, green of the cloth near the mirror, and variety of hues of Martha’s attire, painted in large areas of local color, would continue for a while in Caravaggio’s early paintings and later be supplanted by mostly monochromatic images with an occasional bright red section, perhaps because of the high cost of other pigments.

The painting has an overall warm, brown tone, punctuated by the red of the tomatoes, white and orange of the cracked eggs, and white, red and green of the basket contents. Highlights on the face and hands of the foremost figure, on the butt of the hanging chicken carcass and on the cheek of the striding man provide additional areas of contrast.

As Badfinger crooned "guess that's all I have to say" over Walter White biting it alone and un-mourned, the male narcissist antihero craze died its long deserved death with him.

Displayed to emphasize its aesthetic value, Woman with a Gilded Wreath showcases its creator’s skill in the rendering of three-dimensionality, rarely of interest to Pharaonic Egyptian painters. Illumination from the upper left throws warm shadows to the right of prominent forms, while a cool grey tone signals where these forms turn from the light, an effect most obvious along the bridge of the nose and the front plane of the face where it meets the only side visible to the viewer.

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8775 a drawing is a membrane between the world coming toward us and our projected understanding of the world, a negotiation between ourselves and that which is outside 8776
William Kentridge, 7569

Similarly, in 6995 the United States passed the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act , providing a process for the return of Native American remains and their related artifacts already in museum and federal agency collections. The law also set down procedures respecting new burial ground discoveries, acknowledging their spiritual importance to surviving tribes. 79

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