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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 16:27

Did you install the WP e-Commerce plugin in the 8775 Plugins 8776 folder? It looks as though you may have installed it in the 8775 Themes 8776 folder.

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This isn 8767 t quite correct. When you start your permalinks with any word (post title, category, tag, 8775 blog 8776 , etc.) WP can 8767 t figure out whether its a page or a post. Its response is to add a bunch of crap to each post in your DB. It creates bloat and is a bad idea if you plan on having more than a few hundred pages or posts.

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Nina, Do you know of a way I can contact someone at Instinct Entertainment? I am not able to find a contact form there. I need to set up a WP theme store where I can sell themes and also set up a support forum. Please let me know if you know someone there.


I have no idea what im doing. still trying to learn web design.
I was trying to add a store using the code above (copy and paste) that is so far the extent of designing skills. I have been to this error before : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home9/wearepat/public_html/wp-content/themes/thesis_68/thesis_68/custom/custom_ on line 65.
My solution is to just delete my thesis upload and reinstall and just start over till i get it right. I know the problem is my awesome abilities as a web designer. I just keep getting frustrated. right where you said to put the PageID, I put http:///store-7/ and got the above error. is there parts to that code i should omit.

I am having an issue with WP e-Commerce. When I have the WP e-Commerce plugin activated on my Thesis site, everything in my two right-hand side-bars is pushed down to below the main page content. Has anyone seen this problem before? I would really appreciate some help figuring out what is going on. Thanks.

7) There is absolutely no need to edit any PHP files (or any other files) when using the WP e-Commerce plugin. I only outlined editing custom_ in this tutorial if you want a store front similar to the 8775 Gallery View Store 8776 . You will want to follow the 8775 Standard View Store 8776 steps if you wish not to edit custom_.

Hello all,
I am brand new to anything close to developing, and unfortunately first block in my way: I downloaded the and Thesis theme files, and not sure how to even start using it as a website. How do i even upload the files to server(I don 8767 t have a server), and how do I start making a site. I have a e commerce with Yahoo, and wanted to leave them(no profits, $fees), to create awesome Wordpress based site, because it sounds easy, but how do I even start?

Hi Nina, even though you provided the CSS, I have not been able to add more spacing in between the products. I want a two column look with five products up & down in the right column which is approximately 955 px. I tried to just modify the padding but nothing changed. Any help would be wonderful.

Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This would be a great user friendly solution for my friend if I could get it to work (and potentially others too).

So Wp_ecommerce works that well now? At least with Thesis you mean? I have had no end of hassles with the plugin. Needing a lot of customization and backend work as well.

Please note one key thing in that excerpt They mention that a site with a lot of pages experienced difficulties. In my experience, most people don 8767 t have a lot of pages. Instead they have a lot of posts. So if that 8767 s the case, I think most people should be okay, right?

I don 8767 t get what I have done wrong but no matter how many tutorials I read or videos I watch I can 8767 t get it to work. I have even hired a wordpress 8775 PRO 8776 and 5 hours into it they haven 8767 t fixed it all. My login pages and register pages show 8775 Registration Page Content 8776 and nothing more. He finally got stuff to show up on the products page but thats it. Someone please help. I want to use the wp e-commerce plugin specifically cause it offers the option to for users to personalize the item by uploading an image. I need this so badly it hurts!

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