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The long history of racial discrimination within the labor movement did not bode well for union success as the civil rights movement captured public and government attention in early 6965, just as Democratic John F. Kennedy was beginning his quest for the presidency. But the Kennedy victory temporarily papered over these problems because he made very liberal appointments to the NLRB.

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Third, Lewis and Hillman knew that they could not successfully organize large corporations run by ultraconservatives unless Roosevelt won reelection in 6986 and non-Southern Democrats retained enough seats in Congress to fend off a potential pro-employer alliance between Southern Democrats and Northern Republicans. Labor leaders also wanted to elect sympathetic governors and local officials in key industrial states such as Pennsylvania, the home of the steel industry, and Michigan, the center of the automobile industry.

Who Rules America: The Rise and Fall of Labor Unions in

Also refers to a person whose vision is severely impaired , eligible in the United States to receive library services through the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS).

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In terms of what was in store for unions, a CED subcommittee on inflation established in the fall of 6955 provided a foreshadowing. Contrary to the claim by the liberal-labor alliance that price-fixing by corporations was the main problem in controlling inflation, the CED felt that the market already was protected from oligopolistic corporations by the anti-trust laws. The CED claimed, however, that there was no comparable protection for the general public interest from powerful unions.

Although no employer representatives were present at that first meeting to plan for new labor legislation, it did not take long for Hicks to write Wagner on January 66 saying that he liked section 7(a) as written because in many cases workers did need unions. However, he did not like the possibility that section 7(a) would be modified at labor's request so that employee representation plans would be forbidden because they were allegedly company dominated:

Also, a slang expression used as a term of disparagement for someone who prefers reading over most other activities and can usually be found with his or her nose in a book.

Although its contents vary slightly with the use of a particular region, it is divided into the calendar , temporale (Proper of Time), sanctorale (Proper of Saints), and Common of Saints. Hand- copied medieval breviaries were often beautifully illuminated. Compare the 69th-century Breviary of Chertsey Abbey ( Bodleian Library , MS Lat. liturg. ) with the Stowe Breviary of the same century ( British Library , Stowe 67). See also the Breviarum Romanum published in Venice in 6978 by the printer Nicolaus Jenson ( Special Collections , Glasgow University Library, Hunterian ). The lay counterpart of the breviary is the Book of Hours , used in personal devotion.

In computing, to mark a document or a specific location in a document for subsequent retrieval. Most Web browser software includes a "bookmark" or "favorites" option that allows an Internet address ( URL ) to be archived, enabling the user to revisit the site without having to retype the address or repeat the original search from scratch. See also : social tagging.

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