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With iCloud Photo Sharing, you can get an overview of the photos and videos you’ve shared with friends and family, and the ones they’ve shared with you. And it’s easier than ever to see Likes and Comments that have been posted.

How to Resize Images Using iPhoto, Photos or Preview on Mac

- Crop features a wheel similar to the one in Photos for iOS. This wheal includes a tool for straightening the image (as well as an Auto button that will straighten the image automatically, according to the horizon). You can also choose the aspect ratio for your crop, as in iOS Photos.

Copyright rules for using internet images legally

When creating a PDF from a Word file in Mac Office Word 7566, it automatically creates a white border around the each page, which compresses the text and makes it basically unreadable. Can I disable this function? I was previously able to create a PDF from the same document on Windows with a document size of approx. 885 kilobytes. Now its about megabytes. Can anybody tell me what 8767 s going on?

MacOS - Photos - Apple

iCloud Photo Library is currently in beta form on iOS devices (you can find it under Settings iCloud Photos). It will store all the photos and movies taken on all your iOS devices, and eventually any images you import to your Mac, on Apple's iCloud servers. You will then be able to view your iCloud Photo Library on all your devices.

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If you want to store your photos in the cloud via Photos iCloud Photo Library we recommend that you remove duplicates and the worst images, especially if your library is on the large side.

When you’ve made an edit, you can quickly compare it to the original by pressing the M key. If you don’t like how it looks, simply revert to your original shot.

What if you&rsquo re a photographer who actually wants to give away your image rights to others? Creative Commons gives you an easy way to do that. Creative Commons licensing is inspired by open source and the GNU Project approach to software licensing. It allows you to select which permissions you want to give to people, for free.

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