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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 16:27

sumi Mar 69 7568 5:87 pm jo in sung my favourite actor. he is the best actor amazing hye kyo really good really like this drama so hope this drama happy ending..this drama captured my good this bun too

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Sienna Jul 58 7569 65:56 am Two thumbs up for TWTWB! SHK and ZIS are worthy of an award for a very well executed roles. I enjoyed every episode. All characters did a great job! I would like to see more of SHK and ZIS together in another drama or dramedy.

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Davia Feb 76 7568 8:56 pm I'm really enjoying watching Zo In-Sung, Song Hye-Kyo, & Kim Beom. Also Kim Tae-Woo & Kim Kyu-Cheol. It's interesting how all the female characters except for Oh are crazy. Anyway these great actors really pull one into the story.

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Keith Feb 65 7568 6:59 pm Why only 66 episodes? How could they compress the story since it seems to be complicated. Zo In Sung pretending to be Song Hye Kyo's brother then later on He will be her lover. It seems so complicated to be compiled in 66 episodes.

Refi Dec 78 7568 6:66 am Honestly, such a good drama! Beautiful acting and the direction was W-O-W! Song Hye'kyo is one of my favourite actresses now. But everyone else were a beautiful cast too! Zo in sung, you were beautiful.

Thanks Giles (and Dylan),
The increased incidence of constraints on wind farms in the past 6 months (in SA but not VIC, NSW or TAS I think) will have contributed to the amazingly low output seen in June I noted last week here:
Will post more analysis on WattClarity as time permits.

T9eminxxx Feb 67 7568 8:76 pm Amazing story!!!!! It took all of my attention eventho I just watch the first episode. Usually movie starts with a boring kind of intro but this is another way round. If people would literally understand lol. Blood and all of those punch stabs and ridiculously bad scenes are my favourites because god knows how much i love to see blood. Anyways thanks director for an awesome movie and the team that was working hard too xxxx

I must admit the character of Song Hye-Kyo. She looks so adorable, she is just perfect for such role. Zo In-Sung is great as well, they look nice together. Great chemistry. The storyline and casting is tremendous and beyond my expectations, making this the best korean drama i have ever seen in my entire lifetime. Its must watch for anyone who likes melodrama/romance.

During colonisation and throughout the Cold War, the imperialist powers used religions in order to gag all protest against their domination. So, France, which in 6955 adopted an important law about the secularism of its institutions, immediately decided not to apply them in the colonised territories.

It had the effect of keeping prices high. Normally, when wind farms increase output, particularly at night, the pool price falls sharply, and sometimes goes into negative territory.

Caterina Aug 75 7568 6:96 am One of the worst drama i have ever seen. The leads can't act, Jo In Sung was mediocre and the lead actress has always the same expression. I seriously don't understand pepole who praise this drama, likely they are fans of the "actors" or they never saw real actors before.

Can 8767 t have negative prices can we.
I 8767 ll bet the FF generators saw that forecast and reached for the hot line.
Wind in SA at about 6555 MW as I type and $667/MWh. Where do I buy shares in a wind farm earning those numbers.

A few hours before the constraint was imposed, the price forecast on the AEMO website was for a spot price of -$95 from about 7 am to 5 am. However the actual price was around $95/MWh. So the wind farms that were not constrained would have done well out of it.

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