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Date of publication: 2017-08-23 21:15

Wavyline handwriting is often an amalgam of all or most of the other forms and is usually written by people who are mentally mature and skilful. It shows that they can call on a variety of responses, to suit the occasion and indicates good coping mechanisms. They are adaptable and resourceful.

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I write with a mixture of upper and lower case letters, noticing that I tend to capitalize hard-sounding lettings like R and D. But instead of being 8775 egotistic 8776 (strange that this word isn 8767 t written out fully, as 8775 egotistical 8776 ) maybe the better word is egoistic. I am always willing to abandon an idea if it 8767 s proven wrong, and I actively encourage others doing this, and if I am 8775 set 8776 in an idea, it 8767 s usually because I have contemplated it and have reasoned it out to be the most true way to look at it, not because I 8767 m stubborn and refuse to change my mind. Handwriting, at the end of the day, is more akin to divination than it is forensics, so I give it the appropriate grain of salt.

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Same goes for the only other person I know who writes in all caps their life is like an open book, very forthcoming and willing to talk about anything, non-egotistical, etc.

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I currently have horrible handwriting. I can barely read it on a good day. (I did not escape from medical school quite soon enough to avoid destroying my already-poor handwriting.)

Asian students — or anyone else who has learned to read, but hasn 8767 t learned to read cursive — can learn to read cursive in about an hour by a means other than writing it:
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I must say, I am genuinely impressed with your ability to be offended by someones choice of writing style. It must have taken many years of delusion to get to a point where you can actually decide if someone is rude, aggressive or ignorant simply by glancing at a scrap of paper with some writing on it.

Thread handwriting is like unravelled wool, waiting to be made up into something fresh. These writers are mentally alert and adaptable, but can also be elusive and lack patience. They are responders, rather than initiators. They can be very clever at drawing together strands of information and making something of them. Therefore they observe and bide their time, so that decisions are made at the most appropriate moment.

I learned D 8767 Nealian as a child in Canada, and my handwriting is fine as an adult. I still write a lot by hand, and often get comments that I have nice handwriting not to brag, simply to say that my early training worked just fine.

If you think your skills aren't quite up to speed for college, don't give up. Take time to prepare yourself. There are many ways to get a college degree. You just have to take the path that's right for you.

That is awesome Dale! Thanks for commenting. I wish you the best of luck. It 8767 s nice to know there are others out there going through the same process. Considering where I 8767 m starting from, I know it 8767 s going to be a long process... but in the end, very worth it.

In general, an analysis of handwriting is not an invasion of privacy unless the following criteria occurs: The analysis results would have to be intrusive, which constitutes extreme and outrageous conduct with an intentional infliction of mental distress, beyond that of someone's hurt feelings. The behavior would have to be beyond all bounds of decency, atrocious and considered utterly intolerable. Invasion of privacy also requires, intrusion into one's seclusion and into their private affairs, publicly placing a person in a false light and disclose private information (facts) about that person.

It's time to narrow down your list of possible colleges. Collect information about colleges that might meet most of your needs. Then, identify potential choices for the next step applying for admission.

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