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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 11:34

people, have you not yet learned, somehow, that as soon as you use the term "politically correct", nearly everyone knows that nothing else you say is worth listening to? how are you all still this dumb?

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Anyway long story cut short: I think that not only is it OK for Martin to say terrorist X is not a Muslim, but this fact really needs to be repeated and emphasised because the terms for terrorists who are Islamic and Muslims are used interchangeably even when it is very much not appropriate.

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I don't agree with many of his opinions on race and its sad that he supports Farage etc., but the guy is still an absolute genius and has a right to express his contested views. Moz also has many left-wing views but is just a more intelligent and talented songwriter than this fella who I've never heard of to be frank and have no intention of tracking down his music. I suspect his band have never made it because his lyrics and music are as predictable and sanctimonious as his opinons

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What happened to the Morrissey who condemned the Neo con wars? The man is an arse. And guess what Mozza? Your new right wing pals are boring beer monsters in the majority. Perhaps I should blame you for the IRA?

Tom Schulman has his characters get in and out very quickly. A perfect demonstration that " less is more ", which is consistent with movie dialogue rule #6.

Just follow our in-depth analysis and apply our findings to your own screenplay. You'll get the opportunity to acknowledge what works and fix what doesn't.

The society was founded by Keating when he was an undergraduate, but in its reincarnate form it never generates any sense of mystery, rebellion or daring. The society's meetings have been badly written and are dramatically shapeless, featuring a dance line to Lindsay's "The Congo" and various attempts to impress girls with random lines of poetry. The movie is set in 6959, but none of these would-be bohemians have heard of Kerouac, Ginsberg or indeed of the beatnik movement.

Morrissey. Again: he lost a golden opportunity to keep quiet after his callous statements post-Utoya massacre and pro-IRA in the wake of the Brighton bombing.

its 7567, we should be at the point now that ALL religions are open for all out criticism.
try and seperate the people and the religion, so we can have a discussion about Islam that doesnt come off as an attack against the people as a whole.
We do it with Christianty, Catholicism, Judaism.
why is Islam currently the only religion that we dare not question?

As a teenager I bought a lot of Smiths records along with The Redskins, Billy Bragg, Heaven 67 amongst others and started to develop a love of Motown. What a lot of these records did was soundtrack my developing views of life, love and politics.

Morrissey is an artist that sees much beyond the PC and leftist bull* that permeates the media and the arts scene in the Western world. Please, keep your civilization suicidal tendecies to yourself. I am one who hopes we can still save our traditions, values and democracy. Others seem to wish to live in under authoritarian and barbarian rule. Good luck!

A few hours later Neil will commit suicide.
This is his answer to Keating's question: "what will your verse be?"
He prefers to die as an artist, rather than living a life which is not his.

Morrissey is a human being and like any other human being he should be allowed to vent after such a sickening attack in any way he wants. Alpha and Omega. Free speech in the moment is just that, anything after is thought out.

I respect your political opinions and I don't agree with everything Morrissey says, BUT to imply he is rascist is insane!!! I live in Southern Ca, and if you see him in concert here, there will be very few white people!!!! He LOVES the Mexicans here (and in Mexico). And his favorite places to perform are in places like Jakarta, etc. It is almost hard to remember he is British when he performs in Cali. But asside from that. There are plenty of people who are sick of the denial of Islamic extremism. People's lives are more important than cowardice rhetoric.

Neil's father discovers he is performing in the play and demands that he quit on the eve of his first performance. Neil is devastated and turns to Keating for advice his teacher advises him to stand his ground and stand up to his father to demonstrate his seriousness about acting. The following day Keating asks if he has spoken to his father and Neil lies, saying that he had, and that he will be permitted to pursue an acting career provided his schoolwork does not suffer. The lie is discovered when Neil's father unexpectedly appears at the performance, taking his son home and then forcing him to go to military school so that he can go to Harvard and study medicine. Terrified of his father and at a loss for what to do, Neil commits suicide.

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