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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:57

Many of our Southern Seminary . concentrations are offered in a modular format, which allows students to complete a degree without relocating to Louisville. Modular programs offer tremendous flexibility, allowing students to earn their degree without having to leave their current place of ministry.

21st Century Competencies for Doctoral Leadership Faculty

“Few experiences in life have been as personally edifying, challenging, and spiritually enlightening as the pursuit of the . through Southern Seminary. With a project specifically related to my calling and ministry with the IMB, the studies were both practical and immensely helpful. In my current role, I continue to draw regularly from the resources and training provided through the SBTS .”

Doctoral Dissertations Available from Proquest

Use a sociological approach to solve problems such as educational equity, and prepare to work in community service organizations, research and policy fields, and governmental agencies. Our master&rsquo s and doctoral programs teach you sociological research methods and how to apply them to analyzing educational issues, particularly those impacting urban education.

Educational Administration, Department of - Lincoln Research

In colloquia and area seminars, students not only grow as writers, they also learn to communicate and defend their research. General educational seminars are required for every . candidate, preparing them to become lifelong teachers.

Foundational seminars — 66 hours
Contextualized writing seminars —8 hours
Ministry research project —6 hours
Project methodology —6 hour
Introduction to doctoral research and writing —6 hour

The Nancy Weiss Malkiel Scholars Award Program supports junior faculty whose research focuses on contemporary American history, politics, culture, and society, and whose service addresses the need for a more inclusive, responsive academic culture on their campus for peers and students. Eligible applicants must be tenure-track faculty who have passed their third-year review or their institution’s equivalent.

Projecting income and tuition costs is one way to examine the ROI of an education doctorate. The range in tuition for three-year EdD and PhD programs is extensive. Let’s examine ROI for programs at the low end of the scale and those near the top.

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The data science revolution is changing how we use statistical analysis to address important social questions. In this flexible-credit master&rsquo s program, you will learn advanced quantitative research techniques and apply them tocritical policy issues across the social, behavioral, and health sciences, preparing for a career as an applied statistician or data scientist or for doctoral study.

Students are challenged by the interaction and rigor of their seminars. This atmosphere of academic excellence causes students to grow into more competent servants of God.

The online Doctor of Education in Agricultural Education is a unique joint venture between Texas A 588 M University and Texas Tech University. The program uses a blended learning format including virtual learning environments and video conferencing, as well as two required face-to-face meetings each year.

Use theatre techniques to treat individuals with mental health, cognitive, and developmental disorders. This master&rsquo s curriculum combines courses in educational theatre, educational and clinical psychology, counseling, and related arts therapies. You will apprentice with leading professionals and become eligible for New York State licensure as a creative arts therapist.

“My studies at Southern have not only broadened my understanding concerning the mission of God and the urgency of the mandate of the Great Commission, but have also deepened and renewed my vision and passion for Christian mission. It gives me the grace to teach with confidence. It also enables me to present sound and balanced biblical teachings on missiology to my students.”

Coursework is completed entirely online, however EdD students are required to attend a residence program at the end of their third year to defend their dissertation. The School of Education is accredited by The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

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