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Asians sue Harvard over affirmative action in admissions

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 15:15

What a lot of people in the US don 8767 t understand is that many of the students being sent to the US for education right now come from these intelligensia-class grandparents who want their grandkids to leave China forever. They fear and hate their ruling class, they don 8767 t trust them, and they don 8767 t think they 8767 ll be left in peace in the future if they stay in China.

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Then, of course, his administration brought insanity bar none and it turned me into a desperate Trumpist, at times, making common cause of sorts with people on the extreme right who want me to essentially die.

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The university 8767 s age and outstanding physical resources are among the college’s most distinctive features. Yet, few alumni will say that the best part of their experience was the fact that the college is the oldest in the country. It is more likely that they will mention the environment of daily life as the distinguishing aspect of their experience, an environment characterized by the cities of Cambridge and Boston, a unique residential life system, and the people who make the school tick.

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Today we are told by some that one can substitute Jewish, Chinese, Indian, Black, Hispanic et al. ethnicities and their attendant customs, religious and cosmological beliefs for the original Protestant and that in doing so one alters merely accidental qualities of the institution, sort of like dyeing a coat.

Looking at the College Board 8767 s data, Asians SAT scores are really high and they are dramatically over-represented in the right tail. Consider that on the math section, an 855 is only 95th for Asians. There are 9x as many White test-takers as Asian, but you would actually have more Asians than Whites in the far right tail. (Back of the envelope, perhaps 7 to 6 at the 6555 plus range?) Yet there are double the number of Whites at Harvard. Even if the gap for admitted candidates is *only* 55 points, that doesn 8767 t erase the discrepancy in the populations you 8767 re drawing from and you aren 8767 t drawing from the same ranges of the respective distributions for each group.

I have a practical question. My teenage son is Vietnamese (adopted) and I keep reading that his chances for college admission will be tougher because he is Asian. Will it improve his odds if he selects “other” as his racial category? What if he selects white?

He had some doubts about this approach, especially as he received some advice to stick to a more traditional response to the question. But he wanted to remain authentic to himself. "I knew that I was going to be me," he said. That bet paid off. Galloway finished his first year at HBS in May.

"White, male, unremarkable undergrad, consultant," he listed out unforgivingly. "How do I make it so that those things are not top of list for the reader of my application?" he continued. "Understand who you're probably competing against, and do whatever you can to distinguish yourself in a way that is truly you."

We live in a global, hyper-connected world. The 6955s aint coming back. Looking at Europe, I don 8767 t think I can muster even the tiniest protest against a growing Asian population. I mean, take all the ethnic groups in the world, now make a list of which ones you 8767 d want moving into your city (cuz you gotta choose): Chinese, Koreans, Indians, etc. would be at the top of any sane person 8767 s list. Yeah, it sucks that local whites can 8767 t compete with all the money the Asian families are pouring into property markets, but that 8767 s a far more tractable problem than living with a few million unskilled males susceptible to sudden jihad syndrome.

The GRE and GMAT are different tests,  and we are truly indifferent about which one you submit. 
Really. We are familiar with each test. Choose the one that allows you to best show your strengths, then move on to other parts of your application. 

We 8767 re not going to get there until employers can test what you 8767 ve learned. Which is presently de facto illegal, because of the near certainty that rigorous testing will have racial disparities in its effects.

In this free series of video lectures, you explore World War II through a multifaceted lens with Charles S. Maier,   Leverett Saltonstall Professor of History at Harvard.

Some people still think Larry Summers got fired from being the president of Harvard because of the ridiculous comments he made about women in math (see my post about this here) or because of the comments he made about Cornel West. Actually, the truth is something worse, and for which he should actually be in jail. It’s also something that makes Harvard look bad, so maybe that’s why it’s less known. The subtitle of this post is: Why Larry Summers shouldn’t be made head of the World Bank. Let’s set the record straight: Summers was directly involved with defrauding the . Government (see below) and Russia….

And for the record, in my own personal experience, people who have considered me 8775 honorary white 8776 have been almost always Christian whites and never Jewish ones. And despite the fact that high IQ Jewish men tend to seek out Asian wives, I have found that Christian whites are far more genuinely interested in various Asian cultures and histories than Jewish whites.

When asked to explain why you wrote off his claims about the attack on the USS Liberty, you sighed as if you had been through it a milling times and said, 8775 It just couldn 8767 t be and anyone who thinks it could has anti-Semitic priors. 8776 That 8767 s an ad hominem against Giraldi, most of 8767 s readers and anyone who might dare to argue with you on the point.

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