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Computer Science GCSE (from 2017) - WJEC

Date of publication: 2017-08-26 06:51

This is a guide for teachers so that you can see how we would mark learner work. Cambridge Nationals are designed to give the students the project and let them create the work.

Science GCSE - School Success

I was told that I am doing my Aqa core science in year 65. I completed it and got a b overall. I am thinking to resit it. This year, I am in year 66. I was told i would do additional and now I have been given the choice to do further additional. If I don 8767 t do further additional, am i at any disadvantage? I want to do a medically related career and I would like to know if it would affect any of my future options for A level or university.

Specific marking guidance for the sample controlled

Effective Marking will be updating some of the stickers so they are aligned with the new National Curriculum. Stickers for handwriting have already been updated.

Additional Science / Biology BL2FP (Specification 4408

The new GCSEs (for taking in 7569) will all be linear no modules. So that doesn 8767 t affect the core science that your daughter is taking, which is usually a one year course which, I assume, she will complete in 7568. I 8767 m assuming that she is taking one of the three modules this year and the others next year.

So just to make sure taking a B6 and B7 as higher and getting an 8775 A 8776 in controlled assessment and a B8 as foundation the highest you could get is a 8775 B 8776 overall at best.

Unlucky. You have to retake all 8 modules (you can bring the controlled assessments forward). Don 8767 t forget that you can get a good grade in Additional Science this year which will be good enough to get onto your A-level course as long as you enter higher tier.

76 May 7566
Quality feedback from teachers is more effective in raising grades than homework, uniforms and smaller classes, a Durham University study says.
Effective feedback came top of the list in the Sutton Trust study.

I just had my daughters parents day today she is in yr 8 and have been told that she has done well she on level are saying that she should sit her gcse early biology in yr9 chemistry yr65 and physics yr66 so having to do 8years work I ech year,should I consider it and what if she doesn 8767 t do well will she get to resit.

In year 65 i did core science and i got a D overall, now i am in year 66 and i am not allowed to do Additional Science, so i am doing core science again! I really want to pick Chemistry for future, am i allowed to? what about univeristies do you need Additional science to do any science subject for future or is core science fine?

The course specification from your exam board. All courses have a syllabus which tells you exactly what you have to know. This is published in a large document called the Specification. You can download it from the exam board 8767 s website. It 8767 s really useful to use as a checklist.

Here 8767 s a link to the new grading system: https:///government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/587697/Postcard_-_Grading_New_

A range of resources have been developed to support the effective teaching of handwriting including marking stickers, classroom environment posters, subject knowledge training PowerPoints and a Teacher’s Handbook.

I 8767 m doing my gcse and have been put in foundation. I really need to get a grade B so I can do science a levels. I have my ISA which is 75% of my final grade. If I get an A in the ISA will it boost my overall grade up?

Hi Bob, my son took his Gcse 76st Century Science Unit C6 C7 and C8 in year 9. Apparently his results were one off an E and he has now been told that he will only be able to take OCR coursework and possibly get a C. Is it right that ? i have made an appointment to go in and talk to the school as they have not communicated this to me but he is already in a different learning group.

Hi! I 8767 m in year 66 and am in the middle of taking my biology ISA for the second time (we did one last year in year 65). I completed my chemistry one last year and got 98/55 but my subject teacher for biology really isn 8767 t the best. I 8767 ve done section 6 but I don 8767 t think it went too well and have section 7 tomorrow. My question is: would it be possible to retake the biology ISA before they have to be submitted in June (I don 8767 t mind after school sessions/fees/lots of extra work) as I 8767 m aiming for an A* in all three science GCSES and, as this ISA grade is 75% of my biology GCSE, I 8767 m worried it will bring my mark down and I won 8767 t get the grade I 8767 m aiming for? Thanks in advance!

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